Consultancy services

Water is a wonderful selfless substance allowing all organisms to live and form themselves in their own individual way.

The experience of moving water can be refreshing and also allow us to be ourselves in a place without imposition. Maybe this is why so many gardeners say that a cascade or a fountain will "bring a garden to life". However it can be a challenge to create a healthy water ecology both to keep the water clean and to give beauty and interest.

We have many years of experience with this and are very happy to help explore the possibilities for enlivening any space with water. Often the best ideas come during a good conversation with those responsible for the landscape , and this is an important part of any consultancy work we undertake. The practical details are also important and we can design and specify all that would be needed to enable a project to work well. We can undertake some work ourselves and have contacts with good landscape contractors who can do other work if needed.

The Flowform sculptures arise out of an interest in the inherent nature of water and a wish to understand its role in life. The have been used for many years in biodynamic agriculture in a variety of ways, supporting the use of liquid manure, special preparations and compost teas. We can help with advice on ways to bring waste water into a healthy condition, to condition irrigation water and with other ways to enliven horticultural and agricultural practise with appropriate water management.


Photo of a shamrock in a reed bed