Photo of a swimming pond

Landscaping & Design

Inspirational, intriguing & unique...

These are the qualities we strive to achieve . With the understanding of the way that healthy, rhythmically moving water can bring a landscape to life , we work together with our customers or other designers in creating a beautiful garden and a healthier environment for any situation.

Our specialist areas include:

  • Water sculptures & flowform cascades
  • Dipping pools, swimming ponds & lakes
  • Waterfalls, streams, rills & ponds
  • Pond refurbishments & maintenance
  • Associated landscaping & lighting


We offer a landscape design, project management, construction and maintenance service. We also produce an extensive range of water sculptures and flowform cascades, complete with pump and plumbing.

Please contact us to discuss your needs or arrange a visit to Ruskin Mill where you can see our sculptures on display in the Cotswold landscape.

Homes & Gardens

From large-scale watery landscapes, including natural swimming pools, to smaller ponds and intimate spaces – whatever the space, the introduction of naturally moving water improves the heart of any garden. It creates an uplifting mood and supports a healthy environment for wildlife, animals and people by helping them to reconnect with nature.


Photo of a garden pond

Educational & Play

You could say education starts to happen through play. From early learning years through to adulthood, people never lose their curiosity with nature and water. The ‘water workshops’ we stage lead to a deeper understanding of the connections between water and life.

Children especially can relate to this by engaging in interactive water play environments – not prescribed or over-engineered experiences, but ones that are open to exploration, self-discovery and natural connectivity. We aim to make this accessible to everyone through imaginative design, use of natural materials and ongoing product development.


Photo of an educational workshop

Therapy & Wellbeing

Over the years, we have been exploring the relationship between naturally moving water, its therapeutic qualities and how it can bring about a sense of wellbeing. During this time, we have worked with a number of medical practitioners, therapists (conventional and alternative), Feng Shui masters, mental health managers and heads of special needs educational establishments and communities, all of whom understand the value of healthy, naturally moving water and the environment it creates.

Projects have included a sensory garden for a special needs school; water gardens in a number of mental health rehabilitation units; a water cascade for a healing garden within a young offenders’ institute; and water features for several memorial gardens.


Photo of an ovella cascade