Rhythmically water movement
brings any landscape to life...
Small radial sculptures can be ideal
for gardens, courtyards & patios.
Flowforms can bring a
special mood into a garden.
The dynamic movement in the Flowform cascades uplifts the experience of water
in a landscape, and can enliven the ecology around it.
Swimming pond,
A unique design of natural swimming pool.

Water Sculptures & Landscapes

The Rhythm of Life

Water is essential to life. Experiencing water in movement also helps connect us to nature. It can help make a place refreshing, thought provoking, exhilerating, or peaceful and relaxing. It can create many subtle moods. Healthy moving water can be the vital element that brings a landscape to life.


Flowform Cascades

There is a great range of movements in the different designs of Flowform cascades, so it is not difficult to find one appropriate to a given site. The scale of the situation , the way the cascade flows in the landscape and the way it greets a visitor in the overall architecture are important considerations as well as the aesthetic of the form.

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Large Radials

Many architectural settings can benefit from the uplifting sight and sound of a good water sculpture. There are gentle supportive forms for therapeutic settings as well as more dramatic designs to create a dynamic refreshing greeting for the visitor.

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Small Radials

The small radial water sculptures can enhance a space in the garden with their form and enliven it with the flowing water. They may create a distinctive centre piece or be blended into the landscape. The water gently pulses, swirls and ripples across the surface of these stone sculptures.

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Landscaping & Design

Garden design, landscaping and after care of water sculptures, wildlife ponds natural swimming ponds.

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